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What does JDM stand for?

The word JDM use to simply represent the “Japanese Domestic Market” of cars and the respective models that have been imported into America.  As time and trends have grown the word JDM has evolved into something much more.  It’s a unique lifestyle of belief and attitude and it’s heavily driven by a following. Most examples of the JDM culture tend to be more on the outspoken side and visually are considered to be a little less conservative than your average Prius driver. The traits and features of the now JDM persona speak for themselves. Statements Like “Got Boost?” symbols like the “Drift Arrow” and the notorious “Shocker” are all very common in the JDM world as decals.  As time goes on the acronym known as JDM has slowly become a symbol of the drifting community and its culture. The JDM representation may tend to display more of an ill nature, but in my eyes it’s the amusement factor and cartoonists humor of the JDM lifestyle that fascinates me. What does it mean to you and what do you consider to be JDM?

The Nor Cal Star

norcal black

The Nor Cal Star is said to be the guiding star. Throughout time the star has been used as a symbol of pride and guidance. In Northern California it represents the pride of being a northern Californian. In Texas it is the symbol that shows their state hood and is referred to as the Lone Star.  This timeless symbol can be seen all over the world and will continue to be reinvented due to its uniquely simple design. Pride, guidance and symbolism may be the main reasons to see this star, but this simple and powerful star is meant to represent you and your own meanings.




General Characteristics:

  • Star with five points
  • Two shaded star that has a light and a dark shade

Is 2015 bright and plentiful?

Do you know what the year 2015 has planned for you? I’m sure all of us would like it to be plentiful and full of wonderful things. It has been said that the prior year has fueled our economy to be heading toward a great year. Hopefully, this great forecast will bring awesome decals and new ideas. I would like to start this year out by saying thank you to each and everyone of the customers that have purchased from Stick N Stuck.

We appreciate all of your business and Thank You 🙂

Stick N Stuck


Post factoid

Did you know that 2015 is the year of the goat? Depending on your reference this year may also be refereed to as the Year of the Sheep or the Year of the Ram

Year of The Goat Decal

2015 Year of the Goat



Stick N Stuck Category Update for November 2014

Hello world! Stick n Stuck is constantly adding new products for you to enjoy.

See below for a tally of all of our decal categories for Nov 2014:

Be sure to check back often to see what has been added since your last visit

Remember, if you would like something you do not see let us know so we can make it for you. Contact us by email or online here


Thank You


Stick N Stuck



Stick N Stuck ‘s Blog Named “HEADSPACE”

Welcome to “Stick N Stuck’s” blog space. This is the introduction to stick n stuck’s blog space, which I have decide to name “Headspace”. This is where I will share anything, and everything I can place on the web from my own headspace space and knowledge bank. I am not hugely articulate, grammatical correct, or by any means a genius with words. I will tend to misspell, MY BAD, but for all  intensive purposes ….this is truly meant to be a place to share anything that comes to mind. So my first blog is my introduction, and what I hope is a good intro to’s blog named “Headspace

Welcome to my HeAdSpaCe

Thank You L’s

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