What does JDM stand for?

The word JDM use to simply represent the “Japanese Domestic Market” of cars and the respective models that have been imported into America.  As time and trends have grown the word JDM has evolved into something much more.  It’s a unique lifestyle of belief and attitude and it’s heavily driven by a following. Most examples of the JDM culture tend to be more on the outspoken side and visually are considered to be a little less conservative than your average Prius driver. The traits and features of the now JDM persona speak for themselves. Statements Like “Got Boost?” symbols like the “Drift Arrow” and the notorious “Shocker” are all very common in the JDM world as decals.  As time goes on the acronym known as JDM has slowly become a symbol of the drifting community and its culture. The JDM representation may tend to display more of an ill nature, but in my eyes it’s the amusement factor and cartoonists humor of the JDM lifestyle that fascinates me. What does it mean to you and what do you consider to be JDM?